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Our voice actors are amazingly talented! We have the perfect voice for anything, literally, anything!

  • product videos
  • commercials and radio promos
  • training materials and elearning
  • phone messages and IVR
  • presentations
  • live announcements for events
  • videogames
  • audiobooks
  • animation
  • anything you can imagine!

To tell us all about your project, fill out our project form and we’ll get you a quote instantly

We have hand-selected every single voice actor we work with. Our talents record in professional recording studios and deliver edited, ready-to-use audio. They’re the best voice talents on the planet. In addition to paying our voice actors for all accepted audio they submit, we actually pay our voice actors to audition! Our respect and admiration for our voice actors ensures they only produce quality work that they (and we) are proud of.

Glad you asked! When you post a project, one of our project managers reviews it right away to make sure we have everything we need to get the best possible voice over for you. Once the project is approved, you’ll receive a notification and we’ll start searching the world for the best voice actors available. They’ll record your script and we’ll send the audio your way (in both .wav and .mp3 formats). You can then request revisions if necessary or approve and download the audio. We’ll work with you and the voice actor (at no extra charge) to get the delivery just right. If you don’t like it at all, we’ll send you an entirely different voice over (or refund your money if you prefer).

A contest is a type of project in which you’ll receive several auditions from different voice actors based on the info you provide on the project form. You decide how many auditions you want and select the voice you like best. Easy peasy.

If you’re in a rush, you can post an ASAP project. This means we will do our best to find a voice actor available right now to start recording your script. Keep in mind that you will only get one voice over from one voice actor (but since all our voice actors are awesome, we know you’ll love it).

In the unlikely chance you don’t like it, you don’t pay for it. Hey, did we mention you get unlimited revisions?! Well, you do. You can provide the voice actor with comments on their delivery until you are completely satisfied. If you change the script significantly, we will ask that you compensate the talent accordingly. If you simply don’t like it, or it’s taking too long, you can always ask for a refund. We only work with amazing voice actors, so we are comfortable paying them whether or not you pay us. We just love making people happy!

It really depends on the length of your script and how many auditions you request, but we keep our prices as competitive as possible. Please head to our pricing page for more information.

Of course! All our audio comes with a full buyout. You own all the usage rights to the voice over so you are free to air it wherever you’d like.

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Yes! We want you. Please email with your bio and some audio samples recorded in your home studio. We’ll let you know how to join. BTW - did you know that as a Foxvox voice talent, you get paid for every voice over you record, even auditions?! Plus, you set your own rates; we’ll just add our margin on top.

Don’t panic! We have an amazing support team to help. Please contact us at and have a nice day!

Use Foxvox to get professional voice overs for your business or personal project.

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